‘A driving force in creative wedding reportage photography.’  Rachael D’cruze — Photography journalist.

‘Mark Carey is a master of reportage work.’  Sean Samuels – deputy editor Photography monthly magazine.

‘Supposedly, a key feature of any genuine work of art is that it springs from mind of the artist without the desire to please or fulfil the agenda of anyone else. Given the strictly commercial nature of wedding photography it should be nigh impossible to create fine art within this genre. Look through any wedding portfolio by Mark Carey and this given is contested. Not only are the images embedded with all the traditional ingredients of fine reportage photography they carry the conviction of a unique, uncompromising, contemporary vision. Reportage photography is a term many wedding photographers use to describe a tell-it-like-it-is approach but to find an entire body of work that is consistently clear in it’s determination not to make any thing up is rare. His pictures constantly burrow the surface to describe the elegance, grittiness, uncertainty and intelligence of our times.’  Gillian Cargill — Former director of Lichtaffen Photographers Gallery

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